Too waxy…..Too greasy…..I hate it…..I love it…..

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“I tried your product and I loved the scent but it’s too waxy….”

“I tried your product and loved the consistency but the scent is horrible…..”

“Just plain hated your lineup….”

“I loved everything about your stuff…..”

So the eternal struggle continues in finding the proper pomade for your hair. We hear your feedback every time you purchase our products and encourage you to let us know what your honest thoughts are. If we don’t hear anything back on our work then we don’t know if we are doing a good job or if we need to improve on something.

We take pride in knowing that we offer a diverse lineup of products for both men and women. New products are in the horizon but without your support and helpful feedback they can’t see the light of day. Let us know what you think of Pompking Pomades, have you had someone compliment you on your pomp? Has someone recognized the tin when you shown them the art? Did you have a bad experience with one of our brews?

Let us know! Drop a comment below or rate the grease you’ve purchased from us.

Thank you,


Pompking Pomades

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