The origins of Gamma Grease

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So as most of you know, our very first brew was the infamous Pumpkin Pomade. It boasted a super heavy hold and was one of the first pumpkin scented pomades at the time. We are talking roughly late 2012, this was also when Pompking Pomades came to life.

For those who follow us, you know that the next brew, after the coffins, to be brought to life were the Gammas. The Gamma Grease line actually started as just the Gamma Green, it featured a chibi version of the Hulk which was drawn by my partner in life and in crime, Manuela. It was brewed to offer a lighter alternative to the pumpkin but still offer some awesome hold. The original scent was a blend of Asian Sandalwood and Tea Tree oil and featured the green color. The tin, however, was a square 4oz tin and it seemed like a success at first but later became more of a pain lol

Gamma banners by Juan Tauber

Not late after the release of Green, we approached a rep of to see if Pompking Pomades was a worthy adversary. They were hesitant to bring us in, with only 2 brews under our belt and only 1 to offer, it was probably not a good buy. So what did we offer in order to get our foot through the door, a new version of Gamma! In comes Gamma Cherry Cola, it sported the infamous Red Hulk in chibi version and along with this new version came the black round tin edition. There was even a label on the inside which complimented each version of Gamma Grease.

The Gamma Grease line has come a long way from the chibi hulk label, the square tin and unfortunately the awesome inside label. It now boasts amazing art by a super talented artist who goes by the alias Nooligan. There are no more inside labels and Gamma Green now has a delicious blend of Asian Sandalwood/Lemongrass/sage scent to it. Both are adored by many of our customers and have been reviewed by some of the best pomade reviewers out there (well at least the hard working ones who give small companies a chance without asking for royalties)

Let’s see what the future brings for Gamma Grease and maybe some day Nooligan might want to grace us with another piece of artwork for a third Gamma to add to the lineup 😉

As always, don’t forget to Tam Your Mane with Pompking Pomades!


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A few months back we found a review on Youtube of our Private Label, Lucky Francs, by a Youtuber named Mike Smith. His channel, properly named, Modern Man TV was giving away a tin of the brew, as well, to their followers. What drew our attention was how clean and precise the review was. Mike’s knowledge and honesty on the product was visible all throughout the video, not to mention how creative this and the rest of his reviews were.

We reached out and asked if he would be interested in showcasing some of our more popular products for review. He agreed and we could not have been happier with the results. Out of this review we were contacted by Mike in regards to a collaboration that he had been “brewing” in his mind and he felt Pompking Pomades would get the job done. The results turned out to be 2 of the most vivid and succesful collaborations we have produced, Lil Monster and Clown Prince. We are honored to have worked with Mike and wish him the best in his future endeavors. If you haven’t checked out his channel, what are you waiting for, go give it a follow and get some modern education!


Thank you for you support Mike and to our followers. We hope to keep going well into the future, whether it’s long strides or short baby steps. Tame Your Mane with Pompking Pomades!