Beard Food (Scented)

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Beard Food is a beard balm rich with nutrients for a healthier whiskers. Its has an ideal mix of essential oils to be a great occasional grub for your shrub. The scent is light and airy. The consistency is a soft wax that melts in the palm when worked in. This product is transparent once applied.

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Beard Food comes in two varieties. Lemongrass scented with subtle hints of Tea Tree oil.


Light to none.


Original Artwork by Ratigan Designs

1 review for Beard Food (Scented)

  1. Groovy Tulips

    I LOVE when my hubby wears your Beard Food! It smells incredible ALL day. His Grizzly Adams beard is so well groomed since he purchased this product. He looks so handsome and rugid and I have to admit, it has instigated some night-time fun! Thanks, Pompking!

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