Pompking Pumpkin Review by Shen Weng Koh

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Pompking Pomades initially started out as a hobby between Hector and Manuela Tapia in 2012 when the sudden idea of creating the first pumpkin scented pomade during the Halloween period hit them. The response for their first brew was overwhelming enough for them to actually start developing and creating newer and custom pomades until they settled with their current line up of the Original OG Heavy Hold, Red & Green Gamma Grease, The Grippie, The Zoot Suit and even a female variety aptly named Heartthrob.

Among the main attractions of the Pompking products are the unique and creative labels featuring artwork from independent artists. They’ve managed to create such a unique brand that it only takes a glimpse or look at their tin designs to associate directly with their brand.


Being familiar to their products, I decided to pick up the Pompking Pumpkin (also known as The Original Pompking Pumpkin Scented Pomade) which was annually released in Halloween from my buddy Ahmad Rezatama in Indonesia. The pomade is promoted as the Original Super Heavy Hold and the tin design is in black with the label design being a jack-o-lantern with Green pompadourish hair and a giant POMPKING in bleeding orange fonts on it. Pretty clean and bad ass!

Upon opening the tin, the pomade comes in a bright dark orange with a very tasty cinammon pumpkin pie scent, its not extremely strong but stays with you throughout the day. Personally, i like it and a number of my colleagues have complimented me on it. For you cats that don’t know how that smells like; PompKing states that the scent is a warm blend of molasses, ginger, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, ground cloves and pumpkin

Now, getting the pomade out of the tin was brutal.Not on the level of Grim Grease Heavy hold brutal, but still brutal enough for me to use the back of my thumb nail to dig the first layer out. once the first layer is broken, scooping does get “slightly” better though (although i still used the back of my nail). Breaking the pomade down also proved to be slightly difficult due to the high wax content and rubbing my hands together felt like mashing candles up. Throughout the application into my hair, there was quite a bit of tug and pull and a few hairs falling out but don’t worry, nothing significant despite skipping a beat.

As i started combing through and spreading out the pomade evenly through my hair, i still felt a lil bit of stiffness with some tug and pull. I could feel how heavy this pomade is and i’m very sure it’s gonna hold and straighten out even the curly hair fellows out there. Now this is where the pomade is akin to magic,despite being in and out of my work place and walking in some hot weather, I was still able to hold a pretty high and neat pomp. The hold i got from this product is off the charts! It is however, waxy and has a more matte finish.

While its a little stiff to re-comb initially, after a few hours and your hair oils start mixing up with the pomade, re-combing gets easier and the hold is still amazingly apparent (if at all you need to re-comb). I believe if you’re going to be in colder climate or in an cool air-conditioned area, you probably wouldn’t even need to touch your hair again.

Build Up
Now, because the stuff doesn’t wash out easy, you don’t need much additional pomade the next day or the day after to maintain the hold. Half a lick or maybe a small fingerful will be sufficient to touch up the strays. However, i did throw in some Pompking Zoot Suit on day 3 and some PND Slick Of It All on day 4 to give it a little shine and guess what, you’ll still get a pretty decent heavy medium hold from it!

In A Nutshell
I love the performance of this pomade and its characteristics, but i can see how many people would possibly get irritated with how difficult it is to get out of the tin and extreme waxiness when breaking it down and when applying it onto your hair. That being said, I’m pretty sure even the thick ass and curliest haired cats would be able to pomp their hair up with this pomade. I do recommend throwing in a light pomade or some light hair dressing together with this to improve the performance of the almighty Pompking Pumpkin pomade!

Thank you very much Shen, we truly appreciate your support on all our products and this is a very honest review that gives our followers and customers a good view as to what they can expect from the Pumpkin. Keep the reviews comin!

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