Nooligan (Gamma Grease label artist)

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As some of our loyal followers might know, our original Gamma Grease art was a chibi version of The Hulk designed by my amazing girlfriend Manuela. A lot of people still ask for our old art but we both felt that Gamma needed a new artist and a new feel (also we didn’t feel like getting sued by Marvel regardless of how cute the Hulk was lol) Which is when we branched out and looked for an artist which captured the feel and charisma of the pomade and of Pompking. Out of nowhere I found Nooligan, the piece that caught my eye was on of his characters off his amazing comic Union ST. Choir, which I highly recommend you go pick up a copy¬†, so I instantly reached out to him. He agreed to working with us on Gamma Grease, he has provided us with 2 amazing labels for Cherry Cola and Gamma Green, both of which we are so proud of and he has agreed to work on the next Gamma product (we are in the early stages of working on the formula and Nooligan has been pretty busy so we hope to catch him at a good time)

We highly recommend you follow this amazing artist on his tumblr ( and his Instagram page ( to catch up with his latest work. Head on over to his site and check out all the great projects he has been working on and future events where he will be participating. Again we want to thank N so much for lending us his talent and imagination and for his offer to help us on future projects.

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