Dia De Los Muertos Special Editions!

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So almost 3 years ago we began Pompking Pomades in our attic apartment with the most basic utensils and ingredients, now we have nearly 1,500 followers and our own website. We want to keep expanding and hopefully end up on shelves someday, we want to offer a variety to our public as well as exposure to the artists who have helped us pave the way. In between these 3 years we have done collaborations, limited runs of pomades and even custom brews with limited edition artwork. One edition sticks out in our collection and I’m sure in our followers eyes…….Dia De Los Muertos editions!

What started off as an idea to make a pomade out of the strangest container you could find, now boasts 2 editions which have the most eclectic looks and scents. Our first edition has the most, and possibly only, unique packages out there and that’s a wooden coffin (small size of course) 13 coffins were made, each hand painted by my second and better half Manuela along with different colors and unique scents. They have been some of our prized possessions and we still get asked to provide another run of them but that is to be seen in the possible future. The coffins weren’t the easiest to make and also not the easiest to sell but alas they went to 13 different owners and a few have switched different hands. One is currently in Indonesian along our second edition and another is in a display case at Johnny Voodoo’s Barbershop in the land down under Australia.

Our second edition was another that is near and dear to our heart, why? It was collaboration with another fellow brewer and friend Edwin Carson from Pomps Not Dead. Edwin took on the tough task of designing all the packaging by hand and the quality shows in that hard work. The ideas we bounced off each other for what our finished products would be was awesome. We ended up making a total of 16 cases, all adorned with original art by Manuela and craftsmanship by Edwin and I. This edition boasted a secret and possibly long forgotten formula from Pomps Not Dead an exquisite “fresh cut roses” scent on Pompking’s side. Both also with different colors and in a unique packaging as well, a small 4 oz jar that contained a prize inside (no spoilers sorry)

We aren’t sure what this year might bring since last year we didn’t release an edition but did unveil the amazing Heartthrob label art. Keep your fingers crossed that Pompking keeps going on the right track and keeps gathering followers. Who knows what might be in store, a collaboration or another unique packaging??? Whatever it may be we want to thank you our followers for all the support and kind words you share with us.

Say Greasy and tame your mane with Pompking Pomades!




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