The origins of Gamma Grease

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So as most of you know, our very first brew was the infamous Pumpkin Pomade. It boasted a super heavy hold and was one of the first pumpkin scented pomades at the time. We are talking roughly late 2012, this was also when Pompking Pomades came to life.

For those who follow us, you know that the next brew, after the coffins, to be brought to life were the Gammas. The Gamma Grease line actually started as just the Gamma Green, it featured a chibi version of the Hulk which was drawn by my partner in life and in crime, Manuela. It was brewed to offer a lighter alternative to the pumpkin but still offer some awesome hold. The original scent was a blend of Asian Sandalwood and Tea Tree oil and featured the green color. The tin, however, was a square 4oz tin and it seemed like a success at first but later became more of a pain lol

Gamma banners by Juan Tauber

Not late after the release of Green, we approached a rep of to see if Pompking Pomades was a worthy adversary. They were hesitant to bring us in, with only 2 brews under our belt and only 1 to offer, it was probably not a good buy. So what did we offer in order to get our foot through the door, a new version of Gamma! In comes Gamma Cherry Cola, it sported the infamous Red Hulk in chibi version and along with this new version came the black round tin edition. There was even a label on the inside which complimented each version of Gamma Grease.

The Gamma Grease line has come a long way from the chibi hulk label, the square tin and unfortunately the awesome inside label. It now boasts amazing art by a super talented artist who goes by the alias Nooligan. There are no more inside labels and Gamma Green now has a delicious blend of Asian Sandalwood/Lemongrass/sage scent to it. Both are adored by many of our customers and have been reviewed by some of the best pomade reviewers out there (well at least the hard working ones who give small companies a chance without asking for royalties)

Let’s see what the future brings for Gamma Grease and maybe some day Nooligan might want to grace us with another piece of artwork for a third Gamma to add to the lineup 😉

As always, don’t forget to Tam Your Mane with Pompking Pomades!


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A few months back we found a review on Youtube of our Private Label, Lucky Francs, by a Youtuber named Mike Smith. His channel, properly named, Modern Man TV was giving away a tin of the brew, as well, to their followers. What drew our attention was how clean and precise the review was. Mike’s knowledge and honesty on the product was visible all throughout the video, not to mention how creative this and the rest of his reviews were.

We reached out and asked if he would be interested in showcasing some of our more popular products for review. He agreed and we could not have been happier with the results. Out of this review we were contacted by Mike in regards to a collaboration that he had been “brewing” in his mind and he felt Pompking Pomades would get the job done. The results turned out to be 2 of the most vivid and succesful collaborations we have produced, Lil Monster and Clown Prince. We are honored to have worked with Mike and wish him the best in his future endeavors. If you haven’t checked out his channel, what are you waiting for, go give it a follow and get some modern education!


Thank you for you support Mike and to our followers. We hope to keep going well into the future, whether it’s long strides or short baby steps. Tame Your Mane with Pompking Pomades!

Too waxy…..Too greasy…..I hate it…..I love it…..

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“I tried your product and I loved the scent but it’s too waxy….”

“I tried your product and loved the consistency but the scent is horrible…..”

“Just plain hated your lineup….”

“I loved everything about your stuff…..”

So the eternal struggle continues in finding the proper pomade for your hair. We hear your feedback every time you purchase our products and encourage you to let us know what your honest thoughts are. If we don’t hear anything back on our work then we don’t know if we are doing a good job or if we need to improve on something.

We take pride in knowing that we offer a diverse lineup of products for both men and women. New products are in the horizon but without your support and helpful feedback they can’t see the light of day. Let us know what you think of Pompking Pomades, have you had someone compliment you on your pomp? Has someone recognized the tin when you shown them the art? Did you have a bad experience with one of our brews?

Let us know! Drop a comment below or rate the grease you’ve purchased from us.

Thank you,


Pompking Pomades

Back To School Savings

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We want to help you make a lasting first impression. What better way than to help you tame your mane! For the month of August, we are offering a 35% off sale on ALL Pompking products! Thats right, I mean, after all -if you look good, we look good too!

Save 35% off your purchase using coupon code "Cool for School"
Save 35% off your purchase using coupon code “Cool for School”

Sharing the Love

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This month we were approached by an organizer at Impact Box. We were invited to become a sponsor for their new Campaign to benefit the Hope Center of Edmond website in Oklahoma.

Impact Box collects items from Sponsors, organizes them into boxes and sells them to customers. We were selected to help them create their first ever Men’s box using our very own Beard Food. The profits are used to benefit the selected charity of the Campaign. Hope Center of Edmond helps struggling community members with things like food, diapers, bills etc.

We are very excited to be participating in this Campaign. We believe in giving back to the community.


Women in the Arts

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Pompking is thrilled to announce that we are teaming up with a fierce artist group called Mujeres Mutantes from Chicago, IL. These girls are not only talented and driven, they are opening doors for their female peers into the male dominated art world.

Pompking will be producing a private label and donating proceeds to help this collective continue to promote the arts through workshops, exhibits, vending opportunities, promoting woman freindly Zines and much much more!


Stay tuned for more details!!


Check out the Collective’s Facebook page.


Dia De Los Muertos Special Editions!

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So almost 3 years ago we began Pompking Pomades in our attic apartment with the most basic utensils and ingredients, now we have nearly 1,500 followers and our own website. We want to keep expanding and hopefully end up on shelves someday, we want to offer a variety to our public as well as exposure to the artists who have helped us pave the way. In between these 3 years we have done collaborations, limited runs of pomades and even custom brews with limited edition artwork. One edition sticks out in our collection and I’m sure in our followers eyes…….Dia De Los Muertos editions!

What started off as an idea to make a pomade out of the strangest container you could find, now boasts 2 editions which have the most eclectic looks and scents. Our first edition has the most, and possibly only, unique packages out there and that’s a wooden coffin (small size of course) 13 coffins were made, each hand painted by my second and better half Manuela along with different colors and unique scents. They have been some of our prized possessions and we still get asked to provide another run of them but that is to be seen in the possible future. The coffins weren’t the easiest to make and also not the easiest to sell but alas they went to 13 different owners and a few have switched different hands. One is currently in Indonesian along our second edition and another is in a display case at Johnny Voodoo’s Barbershop in the land down under Australia.

Our second edition was another that is near and dear to our heart, why? It was collaboration with another fellow brewer and friend Edwin Carson from Pomps Not Dead. Edwin took on the tough task of designing all the packaging by hand and the quality shows in that hard work. The ideas we bounced off each other for what our finished products would be was awesome. We ended up making a total of 16 cases, all adorned with original art by Manuela and craftsmanship by Edwin and I. This edition boasted a secret and possibly long forgotten formula from Pomps Not Dead an exquisite “fresh cut roses” scent on Pompking’s side. Both also with different colors and in a unique packaging as well, a small 4 oz jar that contained a prize inside (no spoilers sorry)

We aren’t sure what this year might bring since last year we didn’t release an edition but did unveil the amazing Heartthrob label art. Keep your fingers crossed that Pompking keeps going on the right track and keeps gathering followers. Who knows what might be in store, a collaboration or another unique packaging??? Whatever it may be we want to thank you our followers for all the support and kind words you share with us.

Say Greasy and tame your mane with Pompking Pomades!




Pompking Pumpkin Review by Shen Weng Koh

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Pompking Pomades initially started out as a hobby between Hector and Manuela Tapia in 2012 when the sudden idea of creating the first pumpkin scented pomade during the Halloween period hit them. The response for their first brew was overwhelming enough for them to actually start developing and creating newer and custom pomades until they settled with their current line up of the Original OG Heavy Hold, Red & Green Gamma Grease, The Grippie, The Zoot Suit and even a female variety aptly named Heartthrob.

Among the main attractions of the Pompking products are the unique and creative labels featuring artwork from independent artists. They’ve managed to create such a unique brand that it only takes a glimpse or look at their tin designs to associate directly with their brand.


Being familiar to their products, I decided to pick up the Pompking Pumpkin (also known as The Original Pompking Pumpkin Scented Pomade) which was annually released in Halloween from my buddy Ahmad Rezatama in Indonesia. The pomade is promoted as the Original Super Heavy Hold and the tin design is in black with the label design being a jack-o-lantern with Green pompadourish hair and a giant POMPKING in bleeding orange fonts on it. Pretty clean and bad ass!

Upon opening the tin, the pomade comes in a bright dark orange with a very tasty cinammon pumpkin pie scent, its not extremely strong but stays with you throughout the day. Personally, i like it and a number of my colleagues have complimented me on it. For you cats that don’t know how that smells like; PompKing states that the scent is a warm blend of molasses, ginger, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, ground cloves and pumpkin

Now, getting the pomade out of the tin was brutal.Not on the level of Grim Grease Heavy hold brutal, but still brutal enough for me to use the back of my thumb nail to dig the first layer out. once the first layer is broken, scooping does get “slightly” better though (although i still used the back of my nail). Breaking the pomade down also proved to be slightly difficult due to the high wax content and rubbing my hands together felt like mashing candles up. Throughout the application into my hair, there was quite a bit of tug and pull and a few hairs falling out but don’t worry, nothing significant despite skipping a beat.

As i started combing through and spreading out the pomade evenly through my hair, i still felt a lil bit of stiffness with some tug and pull. I could feel how heavy this pomade is and i’m very sure it’s gonna hold and straighten out even the curly hair fellows out there. Now this is where the pomade is akin to magic,despite being in and out of my work place and walking in some hot weather, I was still able to hold a pretty high and neat pomp. The hold i got from this product is off the charts! It is however, waxy and has a more matte finish.

While its a little stiff to re-comb initially, after a few hours and your hair oils start mixing up with the pomade, re-combing gets easier and the hold is still amazingly apparent (if at all you need to re-comb). I believe if you’re going to be in colder climate or in an cool air-conditioned area, you probably wouldn’t even need to touch your hair again.

Build Up
Now, because the stuff doesn’t wash out easy, you don’t need much additional pomade the next day or the day after to maintain the hold. Half a lick or maybe a small fingerful will be sufficient to touch up the strays. However, i did throw in some Pompking Zoot Suit on day 3 and some PND Slick Of It All on day 4 to give it a little shine and guess what, you’ll still get a pretty decent heavy medium hold from it!

In A Nutshell
I love the performance of this pomade and its characteristics, but i can see how many people would possibly get irritated with how difficult it is to get out of the tin and extreme waxiness when breaking it down and when applying it onto your hair. That being said, I’m pretty sure even the thick ass and curliest haired cats would be able to pomp their hair up with this pomade. I do recommend throwing in a light pomade or some light hair dressing together with this to improve the performance of the almighty Pompking Pumpkin pomade!

Thank you very much Shen, we truly appreciate your support on all our products and this is a very honest review that gives our followers and customers a good view as to what they can expect from the Pumpkin. Keep the reviews comin!