Pompking Seasonal

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It’s that time of year again. Where fall is right around the corner, the trees start to display beautiful colors as a last hoorah before winter. Halloween preparation is in works, and the heat dies down a bit (in the midwest anyway).  This is our bread and butter, our favorite season.


September 1st marks the return of Pompking Seasonal, our super heavy hold pomade. Smelling of pumpkin spice, Our pomade smells good enough to eat, and holds like hell. We are so proud of this bad boy, the pomade that started it all.  In thanks to all of you for your continued support of our shenanigans, we will be doing a limited run of an alternate art label.

A few years ago a very talented friend Paulo Rocker created this label for us, we never got around to using it because we changed the OG scent to Bay Rum. The first 24 tins sold this year will have this exclusive label.

Stay Greasy y’all!


Women in the Arts

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Pompking is thrilled to announce that we are teaming up with a fierce artist group called Mujeres Mutantes from Chicago, IL. These girls are not only talented and driven, they are opening doors for their female peers into the male dominated art world.

Pompking will be producing a private label and donating proceeds to help this collective continue to promote the arts through workshops, exhibits, vending opportunities, promoting woman freindly Zines and much much more!


Stay tuned for more details!!


Check out the Collective’s Facebook page.


1,000 Likes On Facebook

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10494998_558156654289178_3321333246039896751_oHey Everyone, So if you are one of our followers on Facebook then you would know that we are extremely close to hitting the 1,000 Likes mark. There are many home-brewing companies out there and a few have already hit and surpassed that mark. We never thought we would reach that mark and for a while thought we were going to get stuck at 500 lol. That doesn’t seem to be the case from the looks of it and being so close to the holidays its a big achievement for our small hair pomade company. We have not yet thought of what we will do to celebrate this landmark but I guarantee something special will be done. We want to thank everyone who has been with us since the beginning and we welcome all the newcomers. It’s been a pleasure making hair products for everyone and to hear all your thoughts on the hard work we have done, again another BIG thank you and we hope to keep this going for a long time.

Beard Food

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20141021_105313So if you haven’t heard, our beard balm Beard Food is out and ready for purchase. Dubbed a beard “pomade”, our balm starts as a thick consistency but once rubbed between your palms it becomes a mix which can be easily spread onto your skin and beard. Its essentially a nutrient for your facial hair and most of the ingredients are safe for your skin.

This product comes in 2 flavors, original and Lemongrass. It comes in our signature black tin in a 2 oz size. A portion of our November sales will go to the American Cancer Society so pick up a tin and help out a worthy cause.