Women in the Arts

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Pompking is thrilled to announce that we are teaming up with a fierce artist group called Mujeres Mutantes from Chicago, IL. These girls are not only talented and driven, they are opening doors for their female peers into the male dominated art world. Pompking will be producing a private label and donating proceeds to help this collective continue to promote the arts through workshops, exhibits, vending opportunities, promoting woman freindly Zines and much much more!   Stay tuned for more … Read More

Dia De Los Muertos Special Editions!

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So almost 3 years ago we began Pompking Pomades in our attic apartment with the most basic utensils and ingredients, now we have nearly 1,500 followers and our own website. We want to keep expanding and hopefully end up on shelves someday, we want to offer a variety to our public as well as exposure to the artists who have helped us pave the way. In between these 3 years we have done collaborations, limited runs of pomades and even … Read More

Pompking Pumpkin Review by Shen Weng Koh

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Pompking Pomades initially started out as a hobby between Hector and Manuela Tapia in 2012 when the sudden idea of creating the first pumpkin scented pomade during the Halloween period hit them. The response for their first brew was overwhelming enough for them to actually start developing and creating newer and custom pomades until they settled with their current line up of the Original OG Heavy Hold, Red & Green Gamma Grease, The Grippie, The Zoot Suit and even a … Read More

Nooligan (Gamma Grease label artist)

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As some of our loyal followers might know, our original Gamma Grease art was a chibi version of The Hulk designed by my amazing girlfriend Manuela. A lot of people still ask for our old art but we both felt that Gamma needed a new artist and a new feel (also we didn’t feel like getting sued by Marvel regardless of how cute the Hulk was lol) Which is when we branched out and looked for an artist which captured … Read More

Diego Estolano (Heartthrob label artist)

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Hey there loyal followers, so recently we contacted some of the artists who have helped us build the small company which is Pompking Pomades. The first artist we contacted was Diego, he was the one responsible for our updated Heartthrob label, He is a Latino artist who operates out of San Diego CA and is currently working as an Art Director for an amazing up and coming tee shirt company named Flophouse. If you love good art we invite you … Read More

1,000 Likes On Facebook

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Hey Everyone, So if you are one of our followers on Facebook then you would know that we are extremely close to hitting the 1,000 Likes mark. There are many home-brewing companies out there and a few have already hit and surpassed that mark. We never thought we would reach that mark and for a while thought we were going to get stuck at 500 lol. That doesn’t seem to be the case from the looks of it and being … Read More

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