The origins of Gamma Grease

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So as most of you know, our very first brew was the infamous Pumpkin Pomade. It boasted a super heavy hold and was one of the first pumpkin scented pomades at the time. We are talking roughly late 2012, this was also when Pompking Pomades came to life. For those who follow us, you know that the next brew, after the coffins, to be brought to life were the Gammas. The Gamma Grease line actually started as just the Gamma … Read More


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A few months back we found a review on Youtube of our Private Label, Lucky Francs, by a Youtuber named Mike Smith. His channel, properly named, Modern Man TV was giving away a tin of the brew, as well, to their followers. What drew our attention was how clean and precise the review was. Mike’s knowledge and honesty on the product was visible all throughout the video, not to mention how creative this and the rest of his reviews were. … Read More

Too waxy…..Too greasy…..I hate it…..I love it…..

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“I tried your product and I loved the scent but it’s too waxy….” “I tried your product and loved the consistency but the scent is horrible…..” “Just plain hated your lineup….” “I loved everything about your stuff…..” So the eternal struggle continues in finding the proper pomade for your hair. We hear your feedback every time you purchase our products and encourage you to let us know what your honest thoughts are. If we don’t hear anything back on our … Read More

Pompking Seasonal

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It’s that time of year again. Where fall is right around the corner, the trees start to display beautiful colors as a last hoorah before winter. Halloween preparation is in works, and the heat dies down a bit (in the midwest anyway).  This is our bread and butter, our favorite season. September 1st marks the return of Pompking Seasonal, our super heavy hold pomade. Smelling of pumpkin spice, Our pomade smells good enough to eat, and holds like hell. We … Read More

Back To School Savings

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We want to help you make a lasting first impression. What better way than to help you tame your mane! For the month of August, we are offering a 35% off sale on ALL Pompking products! Thats right, I mean, after all -if you look good, we look good too!

Sharing the Love

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This month we were approached by an organizer at Impact Box. We were invited to become a sponsor for their new Campaign to benefit the Hope Center of Edmond website in Oklahoma. Impact Box collects items from Sponsors, organizes them into boxes and sells them to customers. We were selected to help them create their first ever Men’s box using our very own Beard Food. The profits are used to benefit the selected charity of the Campaign. Hope Center of Edmond helps … Read More

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