Hi, we are Hector and Manuela.

I (Manuela) started using DAX pomade in high school after a rockabilly friend introduced me to it. (WAY before retro was even on the map) I’ve always loved the malleability and hold of pomade.

Once we met, I introduced Hector to DAX pomade for a more maleable hairstyle. (Rigid, rock hard hair is kind of a turn off for me.) With his incredibly curly, thick unruly hair, Hector sparked an interest for a stronger hair pomade that could “tame his mane”.

After searching everywhere, (and buying dozens of commercial products) Hector decided to give his hand a try at making a better product for his hair type. Back then, we were a part of a pomade fetish group. After seeing a need for a heavier product, Hector brewed up the very first pomade for what would become the start of Pompking Pomades.

Our first ever pomade was our Pumpkin Seasonal. It was supposed to be a one time thing- but after selling out in a couple hours, we decided to test the water on becoming a brand.

Over time, we slowly developed more custom recipes, eventually adopting our signature lineup. We currently carry an array of hold and scents we proudly home brew. We always wear our thinking caps and are always trying to find more unique combinations for our awesome customers. We are proud to say that our products have made their way into homes worldwide.  We carry a few private label collaborations with barbers nationwide. Custom or Limited Edition products have been a blast to make. We have been very humbled by the amount of support we receive from our customers. Thank you for visiting our shop. If you have any questions, comments, concerns or complaints, please- give us a shout!

Stop by our Gallery it’s our pride and joy. Pictures of our amazing customers using our products. Into Art? So are we- check out our blog for more information on the Amazing talent that has helped us in our journey!!!

Stay for a bit, get to know us. Let us know what you think.


H & M